"Photography is timeless. Photography captures or creates a moment that can then be relived over and over through the viewer's eyes and imagination. 

Without accompanying words, a photograph leaves the text to the interpretation of its viewer. A photographer's role is both to make the photograph and to guide the viewer to the proper conclusion through the making of the photograph. We're telling stories through a single image. Imagine a film, now imagine a single frame of this film embodying its entire story: that's our job.

I don't believe in presets or in shooting modes. Each photograph's composition is considered for emotion, content, and light. Yes, light! Light brings photographs to life, creates drama, highlights emotions, and enhances depth. Each time I pick up my camera I'm striving to improve upon the work that I've already created.

My ideal clients are clients with their own vision, or those in search of a vision that I can help create. I'm not looking to produce run of the mill 'pictures,' I'm striving to create art." ~ RL

Rick Lash is a multitalented and award-winning storyteller with proven success telling stories through photography, video, and the written word. A born creative, Rick has partnered with individuals and businesses ranging in size from local mom and pop to Fortune 40 multinational corporations. But what matters is that no story is too big or too small. Each story is unique. And each story deserves to be told in the best way possible.

Based in New York City, Rick has traveled much of the US, including visits to all fifty states. Travel enhances experience, and as such, Rick is ready and available to visit your state, or country, to assist you in fulfilling your needs.

Rick Lash's Studio is based in the heart of Hudson Valley in historic Newburgh at the Regal Bag Factory along the Hudson River. Schedule your studio session now!

Rick Lash Photography can be contacted at; all comments and inquiries are welcome. The more details you can provide, the more in depth the response.

Telling stories is Rick's passion: please, allow him to tell yours.

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